Our Assets in the Unity3D Asset Store

Tasty Pie Menu

Gorgeous circular menu inspired by rust that you can use on your own game!
Key features:
-You can add buttons at runtime
-Easy to customize
-Supports VR, Mouse, Touch, Keyboard and Gamepad


Low Poly Survival Kit

In this package: -Book 224 tris -Flashlight 140 tris -Hatchet 160 tris -Knife 112 tris -Tree log 176 tris -Medic Box 158 tris -Shovel 180 tris -Torch 96 tris -Match box 82 tris All the models share a single material to reduce draw calls


1984 AI Enemy Line of Sight

Lightweight code package for stealth games. What’s included -Enemy Vision Cone (Line of sight) -Vision Cone display adapts to obstacles -Enemy Behaviors -Swap between hidden and normal states. -Simple to use and configure -Lightweight code -2D and 3D support