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Unity Asset Store Price Tracker

This extension allows you to track prices of unity assets through price history charts
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Stuck inside in quarantine and can't meet your friends to play the card game Bang? This unofficial online version will let you play in real time multiplayer
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100 Skills!

100 Skill is a HARD ENDLESS GAME!
You must shoot the red squares to gain points, but warning if you miss a square you will lose. Then you can use your points to buy new colors from the shop!
What are you waiting for?
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You can check anytime the world hi-scores when you die.
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Will you survive to an ENDLESS ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE???!
-Endless Replayability!
-Different Types of Zombies!
-3D Graphics!
-Powerful GUNS!!!
-Plenty Upgrades!πŸ”§
-❄Winter MAP!!

Crazy Archer

Crazy Archer is a new physics based game developed by XAMIN Software.

You are the best skilled archer in a 8 bit medieval world that tries to complete all the goals to increase his popularity.

Enjoy fully arrow customization over 125+ different types of arrows!!!
And a wonderful 8 bit parallax background, progressive difficulty and procedural terrain generation!

So what are you waiting for?
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Mobile Applications


Application for an italian regional television network (Channel 18 in Veneto).

App portfolio

King Gates

The application is aimed at King Gates clients and offers the ability to remotely control the N possible gates purchased by the user through various customizable commands. Unlike a normal remote control, the user can configure the app to open a gate automatically or show an interactive notification to open it when you enter the range defined by the user. The user can also add users and decide whether to provide them with unlimited access or a permission limited to time slots and dates.
It works with REST, MQTT, and Geofencing
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Lean Production is based on simplicity and effectiveness, making its tools usable by anyone, whatever the role covered in the company.
Berardi Bullonerie improves the offer in terms of integrated logistics by introducing a new tool for the detection and control of logistics systems: KanbanUp.
Detect missing items and send orders directly with your smartphone, you can enable multiple operators (process owners) to detect shortages, making the supply of individual production departments autonomous. Always keep your logistics system monitored through the dedicated web portal. Reduce procurement lead time, inventory value and check the delivery status of the materials to be restored. Communicate with the logistics staff and get changes and updates in real time. From today, technology helps you to keep your kanban service "in shape", to easily locate "no moving" items, "lost" containers and to accurately track your consumption even on a single line station, all this in time real!!
Rely on Berardi Bullonerie's experience in integrated logistics, over 140 active services in Italy and a dedicated staff, ready to respond to your every need to create your personalized logistics service.
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Deyob offers the possibility for a brand to track its products by creating prize campaigns or other initiatives that involve the customer!
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The application allows the user to take advantage of the services offered by efsa and should also allow users to scan product labels to check for harmful substances.


10task is the best app to keep track of your tasks in a day!
This app allows you to:
βœ” Remember your tasks
βœ” See how many tasks you have to complete from your Start menu
βœ” You can use it as a shopping list
βœ” Mark the tasks you have completed with a swipe!

Olev Studio

A desktop software to preview lamps from the catalog on clients pictures.

VR portfolio

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Grotte di Pietrasecca VR

Part of a contract work for a virtual exploration.